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Join the movement and invest in a healthy, high performing work culture. Members gain access to loads of practical, simple, evidence-informed tools, resources and support. Be a part of our webinars, community of practice and ongoing events. A full membership also includes an unbiased assessment, tailored recommendations and strategy workshop.

Want wide-spread recognition as an employer of choice? Get certified as a Health and Performance Ambassador, Master or Mentor. Simply complete our assessment, then, receive the aggregate results and recommendations to gain key insights and ongoing support to bolster organizational health and performance.

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Influencer Membership




$375 (<99) 

$500 (100-499) 

$625 (500+) 

$175 (<99) 

$250 (100-499) 

$315 (500+) 

Partner Membership




$750 (<99) 

$1000 (100-499) 

$1250 (500+) 

$375 (<99) 

$500 (100-499) 

$725 (500+) 

Ambassador Certification




$750 (<99) 

$1000 (100-499) 

$1250 (500+) 

$375 (<99) 

$500 (100-499) 

$725 (500+) 

Master or Mentor Certification



$750 (<99)
$1000 (100-499)
$1250 (500+)

$1000 (<99) 

$1250 (100-499) 

$1500 (500+) 


Note: the numbers in brackets represent the number of employees/size of the organization.


Check out our resource site for lots of simple, evidence-informed tools and resources. You can find education, professional development, guides, a cost-avoidance calculator and more.

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Your Mental Health Box: A First Aid Kit

Put the H back into OHS and get a mental well-being kit to support the mental health and well-being of your employees. Our kits are packaged in a quality branded first aid case. They include a guide to building a healthy, high performing culture, fidget toys, stress balls, breathing exercises, resilience tips, motivational cards, mental health resources, mindfulness colouring sheets, pencil crayons, essential oils, 'let's chat' wrist-bands and more. They are $75 to $100 each. To learn more or put your order in click here

Consulting and Education

We offer customized consulting and training in the following areas:

• Strategic planning
• Evaluation services
• Resilience training
• Mental Health First Aid

Our vetted partners can also help transform your culture to bolster organizational health and performance. Contact us to determine the best solution for your organization.



Deborah Connors, Well-Advised Consulting Inc.  

·   Conversations Worth Having Bootcamp 

·   Strategic Conversations Bootcamp 

·   8-Weeks To A Better Place To Work online course 

·   In-house retreats 

Canadian Mental Health Association  

·   Psychological Health and Safety Advisor Training

·   Not Myself Today Campaign

GO Productivity

·   ARC program 

·   Consulting 

·   Training 

Additional solutions for members include:

• Jobs board
• Mentorship program
• Webinars and education
• Resources and tools
• Community of practice
• Effective practice examples

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