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Demonstrably commit to supporting employee well-being in your organization as a driver of organization performance, a healthy Canadian population, and a high-performing economy. By signing the charter, you have the opportunity to advocate for healthy, high-performing work cultures and collaborate with leaders across Canada. As a signee, we ask you to widely communicate the importance of this goal, share successful practices for achieving it, and encourage other decision-makers in all economic sectors to set their own health and performance goals.

Your commitment
By signing the charter, you agree to:

  • Develop and sustain a culture of health and performance in your organization
  • Promote the Charter to your colleagues
  • Demonstrate how your organization is working towards or has developed a healthy, high performing work culture
  • Collaborate with, and learn, from other leaders to further the agenda of workplace health and performance
  • Advocate for workplace health and performance

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*by clicking SIGN, you agree to the terms of commitment listed above. You also give permission for your name and organization as a signee to appear on materials published by Wellness Works Canada including, but not limited to its website, newsletters and social media. You also consent to receive emails from Wellness Works Canada. You may revoke your consent at any time.

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