Individual Certifications

If you are a champion for workplace health, go through our innovative, simple-to-use assessment and validation process to get your Workplace Health and Performance Certification. This is the first certification of its kind available in Canada that recognizes existing competencies and supports ongoing growth and development to help you build healthy, high performing work cultures.

There are three levels to meet your current experience and level of skill.

Ambassador: This certification is perfect for everyday ambassadors and leaders who are responsible for supporting workplace health and performance as a part, or all, of your role. It is perfect for anyone wanting to build their skill set to build a healthy, high performing work culture.

Practitioner: This level is for those who have, or are aspiring towards, a full-time career in workplace health and wellness. It is the only Canadian industry standard for those working in the workplace wellness industry.

Expert: This level is for consultants who work with multiple organizations and have considerable experience and expertise.


Note: You must be a member of Wellness Works Canada in good standing to pursue certification. For more detailed information on the various levels download the Competency Framework or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Ready to get the recognition and skills you need to advance your career and foster healthy, high performing work cultures? Contact us or sign up as a member today and get cracking!










Note: For those with Employer memberships, we encourage all leaders and wellness champions/ambassadors to go through the certification program.

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