Individual Certifications

If you are a champion for workplace health, go through our simple-to-use assessment and validation process to get recognized as a Certified Workplace Health and Performance Ambassador. This is the first certification of its kind available in Canada that recognizes existing competencies and supports ongoing growth and development. This certification is perfect for everyday ambassadors who are responsible for supporting workplace health as a part, or all, of your role. You may or may not have a background in health promotion and/or human resources. It is perfect for those just starting out or those going on to obtain their Practitioner, Leader or Expert Certification launching later this year.

This certification gives you the expertise and credentials needed to build a culture that fosters employee well-being and organizational performance.


During the pilot phase, the Ambassador level certification is included with individual or employer membership. Employer members can have as many employees as they wish certified however there is a $150 assessment fee per employee. We encourage all wellness champions/ambassadors to get certified. Unlike academic courses, the process assesses and validates your current competencies and supports you with practical tools, resources, and information you need to succeed in building healthy, high performing work cultures. Those pursuing and/or maintaining certification must be a current member of Wellness Works Canada (as an individual or as a part of an organization) and obtain a minimum of four hours of professional development credits per year.

For more detailed information on the various levels check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Ready to get the recognition and skills you need to advance your career and foster healthy, high performing work cultures? Contact us or sign up as a member today and get cracking!

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Workplace Certifications

Join the movement and get recognized for your organization's commitment to health and performance. Become an Ambassador, Master or Mentor and proudly display your badge as a high performing employer of choice.

Wellness Works Canada certification program is the only program in Canada that certifies organizations on a rolling basis for their success in creating a healthy, high performing work culture. The perk? Your organization gets all the attention at the time of certification. Your organization is featured in an article, our newsletter, social media and more to put you front and centre as a high performing employer of choice.

Once certified, you are a partner member of Wellness Works Canada and receive ongoing exposure, access to evidence-informed tools and resources and several other benefits and perks.

Types of Workplace Certifications

We like simple, efficient processes and likely, so do you. Our certification process keeps that in mind and meets you where you are at. Sign up today for one of three certification levels to get the recognition and tailored support and recommendations to help you succeed.

Ambassadors must successfully pass a readiness audit. Simply have key leadership complete a short questionnaire and if the commitment and action required is there, get widespread recognition, tailored recommendations; and access to ongoing tools, education, resources, and support.

For the Master designation, complete an organizational practices audit and have employees complete a confidential survey. Tag it on to your employee engagement survey for simplicity. A score of 70% or greater is required to demonstrate a true impact on health and performance. Then receive the confidential aggregate results, tailored recommendations, ongoing tools, education, resources; and, loads of recognition.

Mentors must pass the Master designation requirements and are distinguished by a voluntary contribution to mentor other organization (s) in an area of expertise.

All certifications include an annual membership giving access to several benefits and ongoing support. To see a list of member benefits please check out our memberships page.

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.


The following workplace certification fees cover the cost of the assessment; audit; report; tailored recommendations; and, a one hour facilitated workshop to enhance your employee well-being strategy. It also includes a one-year membership giving you access to ongoing tools, resources and education opportunities.



Private Organizations

Ambassador Certification 


$750 (<99)
$1000 (100-499)
$1250 (500+)

Master or Mentor Certification

$750 (<99)
$1000 (100-499)
$1250 (500+)

$1000 (<99)
$1250 (100-499)
$1500 (500+)

Note, to maintain your certification, your organization must complete these requirements annually. Join the movement and get recognized today!

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