Our People

Wellness Works Canada was founded by Victoria Grainger. It is supported by the following advisors, employees, and volunteers.

Our Advisors

Graham Lowe, PhD

Organizational Consultant, Author and Speaker

Deborah Connors, MPE

Amazon Bestselling Author, Well-Advised Publishing

Lisa Ross-Rodrigues, PhD

Occupational Health Expert

Patrick Maloney, MSC

Owner at PDM Consultants

Nora Johnston, MA

Director, Centre for Active Living

Kathie Gavin, MA

Former Director, Wellness Policy, Government of Alberta

Dr. Christina Loitz

Alberta Health Services

Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD

Innovation Expedition Inc.

David Grauwiler

Executive Director, Alberta Division, CMHA

Lori Schmidt, EC DEV, CA-AM, MBC

LMG, Competitiveness and Collaborative Innovation

Mary-Lou MacDonald, MSc

National Practice Lead Health and Performance, HUB International

Allan Smofsky

Workplace Health Strategist/Board of Directors, OWHC/Faculty, Centennial College

Mary Ann Baynton

Workplace Relations Specialist

Our People

Victoria Grainger, MBA, BPE, HWL, PTS


Katharine Park, MPH Candidate

Advocacy Lead

Stephanie Boivin, MBA, CWHP-A

Trainer and Facilitator

Manwen Shen

Resource Coordinator

Callie Woodley, BARST, CWHP-A

Social Media Lead

Jeffrey Cartwright, CTR,CWT

Trainer and Facilitator

Tara McPherson, MS, CW, PC, CWPM

Volunteer Client Relationship Coordinator

Kathryn Johnson, BA, CWHP-A

Video and Design Lead

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