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We are Canada's first and only national not-for-profit association to provide thought leadership, certifications, education and advocacy dedicated solely to effective, sustainable workplace health and performance strategies. We specialize in servicing small-medium sized organizations.

Our services are offered at a fair price using evidence informed, simple, results-based approaches. They are offered through Wellness Works and vetted partners to reduce costs related to physical and mental health while bolstering organizational reputation and performance.

Cost-effective partner memberships are available to students, practitioners, government, NGOs and private organizations. Member organization's that pass a readiness assessment or workplace audit to support health and performance will be awarded an Ambassador, Master or Mentor badge and certificate so you can proudly display your commitment to health and performance. All members also receive a partner badge for online use.

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We advocate for the profound impact well-being has on performance for individuals, organizations and our nation.

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Healthy people and organizations boost productivity and performance while enhancing our economy.

Organizational Performance

Healthy people and healthy cultures lead to better employee performance, better organizational image, happier customers and higher revenue.

National Productivity

Canada ranks 13th in the world in productivity (OPEC, 2019). Luxembourg on the other hand, heavily invests in workplace health and ranks number one.

Sustainable Health Care

Just a 1% reduction in health risk factors can save the Canadian economy $107.5 billion by 2036 (Kreuger, 2014) and can help reduce the 70% of premature deaths and hospitalizations due to preventable causes.

Healthier, higher performing people

Healthy individuals are employable, better caregivers, more engaged in their community and are better able to reach their potential.

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